The Sky is the Limit: Aerial Activities in Malta

There are, allegedly, two kinds of people. The first are the ones who are happily grounded and content with that fact staying as is, and the second, are the ones who relish the adrenaline and perspective that comes with conquering any sort of height or vertical distance. This list may not be for the faint-hearted, but we assure you there is something for anyone who is willing to give aerial experiences a try. Read on! 

Trial flights  

If you spent your childhood days imaginatively piloting a plane, then this one is for you. Opt for a memorable experience with FUNMalta, who offers customers a chance to board a trial flight and take control of a small aircraft at cruising altitudes. Naturally, an instructor is on board, however, the reins are truly handed over to you as you manoeuvre the aircraft over Malta, providing a stunning birds-eye view of the Maltese landscapes with plenty of photographic potentials.

Zip Lining 

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Wizz across the gap between the steep Maltese cliffs in style by ziplining across and over the sea from one side to the other, pretty much airborne all the way. Ziplining involves being secured by a harness to a pulley controlled zip line, stepping off the cliff and enjoying the ride all the way to the other end where we’ll guarantee you’ll be all worked up to give it another go. This activity is perfect for a group of family or friends particularly if followed up with a scenic walk around the garrigue cliff landscapes of the Maltese Islands. 


The Maltese Islands provide ample opportunity to try out water sports in the relatively calm and clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Parasailing involves gliding through the air while secured to an open parachute attached to a motorboat. It remains a popular choice for travellers, particularly in the sheltered bay of Mellieħa. While looking wind-swept for the rest of the day is pretty much guaranteed, the activity also comes with unforgettable views of the bay and surrounding coastline.  

Freefall jumps 

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We’re almost done with our list but we’ve upped the ante with this one! There is something inherently exhilarating with secured freefall jumps that challenges even the most hardened of individuals. FUNMalta offers an adrenaline-inducing 23-metre jump from the scenic Mosta bridge down to the valley floor below for the traveller looking to give extreme sports a go.  

Helicopter Trips

If the plane trial flight left you yearning for more journeying amongst the skies – consider helicopters! The company offers both transfer and tour helicopter flights over Malta and Gozo as well as between Malta and Sicily. The trips give you a chance to aerially explore the Maltese harbours, cliffs and coastlines, all with a backdrop of the variant blues of the Mediterranean Sea.

Dinner in the Sky

Phew – if you have managed to stomach all the activities listed above, then we are certain that there is room left for one last aerial experience: a culinary event with a twist. Dinner in the Sky offers its menu 40 metres above the ground, in an elevated, breath-taking vantage point that is bound to be as memorable as the food itself. 22 guests can enjoy this unique arrangement at one time. Make sure you book and reserve well in advance!